Lamp Bronze Sauvage

La Cadière


Tchin desserte compress.jpg

Tchin, a burlesque and contemporary-style liquor serving table, is multipurpose: the display, consumption and hiding of jugs of liquors. Three backlit trays are layered to shape the piece of furniture and highlight the liquors.

Tchin conceals them behind a curtain of translucent tubes, creating transparencies and colors games. During a tasting, choosing a bottle sets the tubular curtain in motion, creating a light chime ambiance.

Inside a hotel room or next to a fringed tub chair, Tchin brings to life a singular moment of taste, visual and sound.

Bronze sauvage 1.jpg

« One day, I found a piece of apple tree branch. Its elegant, simple and natural form gave me the idea to keep it and paint it black to give it a more dramatic side, and why not to enter it in a curiosity cabinet.

For a long time I looked at this tree branch and told myself that someday I will do something with it.

That's how the Bronze Sauvage (Wild Bronze) collection was born and how Plumbum decided to edit it.

From dreams to reality, a pedestal table and a lamp, two cosy objects, signed and numbered that will live next to you and will illuminate your dreams. »


"Let yourself be transported ....".

The beginning of the 20th century is a distant memory when long chairs on the deck were looking great on decks of transatlantic liners: however, our journey starts here. As an allegory of luxury and comfort, one could cross the ocean on a rattan long chair. Then the journey then got more accessible and long chairs became popular, it is now omnipresent on our beaches; one can sun tan while laying down on teak or acacia, relax on a colorful canvas, we discover all the meaning of the word farniente in the open air.

With La Cadière it is a new invitation to travel, we get together around the dinner table (in or outdoor) : we do not get lost, we settle comfortably in this canvas that serves both as a seat and a long chair, and we let our mind travel across the dishes.

La Cadière comes in two models, a clear chassis and a dark chassis, to fit all interiors; it remains foldable, it’s its practical and compact nature. The simplicity of the materials, the naturalness of the wood and the timelessness of his canvas is mouthwatering, isn’t it?”


An armchair thought through print!

Print created by the interaction of two materials, a ductile and a malleable. Matrice is a subtle steel corset that compresses a soft and comfortable material; a nice reminder of the Italian traditional expertise, when the blown glass was assembling the metal structure of the lamp in the early 20th century.

Made of a geometric steel structure, forming a grid and containing compressed foam, Matrice reestablished the codes of the outdoor furniture and surprises with its audacity. Indoors, it fits perfectly with a contemporary living room and becomes a centerpiece of the living room.